Linux is not working

vmware is trying to disconnect and override my cd rom.what should i do?plzz help yes or no

disconnect all equiments and u will be start in the starting process. Then not solve the problem take another option in restart in computer and check all wires are wifi connecetvity in also check bolt cloud that’s all your is solved. Thank you:)

Hi @nk05201999,

Can you share the screenshot of the error ?


can u explain me the procedure after this step.i tried to connect my laptop to server too but still not working

sir i have only one drive c in my laptop will it be causing any problem

Hi @nk05201999,

  1. Enter the username that you had used while installing the Ubuntu and then press enter.
  2. Then it will ask for the password that you had set while installing the Ubuntu and then hit enter.

Note that username and password will not be visible while typing.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.