LM35 and LDR at same time

(1) How can I connect LM35 and LDR at a same time ?
Because in the capstone project I need to measure temp sensor value and also light intensity using a python program in a VirtualBox.

(2) And How many projects I need to submit , is there all projects or only a capstone project ?

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I have the Same Doubt @PPV

Hi @tanish.sutradhar04

  1. You have to use only LM35 only.

2.You have to submit only capstone project

@tanish.sutradhar04 Both of them can be connected them quite easily. The LED can be connected to one of the digital pins of the Bolt and the LM35 can be connected to the Analog A0 pin of the Bolt. Thus you will be able to control both of the devices.

For the project to be submitted, I am assuming, this is for the certification exam. You have to create a project on hackster.io using Bolt as one of the components and give the link the exam when asked for it.

LM35 is a output devices …???

Yes, LM35 is a output sensor
It is a temperature measuring device having an analog output voltage proportional to the temperature. It provides output voltage in Centigrade (Celsius)

Shouldn’t it be the other way around. If not, why is LDR considered as an input device? The voltage divider circuit pretty much does the same thing, provide an analog voltage at A0.
I understand why selecting output is preferred as the bolt can also manage to write onto the LED.

@pankajkumar.p LDR senses amount of light and THEN CHANGES its resistance value. Thereby it is a input sensor which is changing the resistance and thereby altering the output. It is not giving you output.

How is it different then LM35 then? It senses the temperature which causes a change in the transistor current which is then converted into voltage. It has an internal voltage divider circuit as well. So what makes it an output device? Is it just because it’s an active device?

  1. As per my interpretation, we have to use only the LM35 sensor for making ‘temperature monitoring system’. Also, it is mentioned to make it using using the Bolt and LM35 sensor, and we can follow the circuit connections mentioned in Module 3 (NOTE: You have already learned how to do this in Module 3 of the course, you can repeat the circuit connection for the system.).

  2. For the project submission of the certification exam. You need to create a project and document it on hackster.io.