LM35 sensor broke

My LM35 sensor broke. How can I get a new one.

It is readily available in any hardware store or buy online.

Hi @madhulikareddy1698,

Can you share the image of the LM35 sensor ? is it the pin that got broken?

Sir @rahul.singh1 , My pin broke. Should I get it Online or what?


You can get it in any electronics store as well.

In case you don’t find it in your nearest store, you can get in online here - https://robu.in/product/lm35-to-92-3-board-mount-temperature-sensors/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwvaeJBhCvARIsABgTDM477K2Jua9C1oy2xL17ayLAOums1G7B4qRK8imUKnEokfr-SE1teY4aAqLvEALw_wcB

The same had happened with me.I had bought 89015 series online first but it didn’t give proper values.Finally i bought 98037 which gave accurate values, so i would suggest you to buy 98037.

Hey! @madhulikareddy1698 I guess the product delivered was fine and the sensor would be broken by you. If I am right don’t worry it will be available in the electronics circuit shop you can buy LM35 has it does have any specification in particular.