LM35 SENSOR showing constant value

HI !
I want a help regarding my LM35 temperature monitoring system project.
I followed all the steps and connections correctly as per project 9,but my sensor is constantly printing value: 5
why it is happening?

how do i fix it?

Check whether Sensor is not damaged.

Hi @rajputsafal27,

Please share the image of the connection between lm35 and Bolt so that we can resolve this issue.

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I am still getting value 5 on all projects I have done on bolt let it be LDR,LM35 please tell me why all these sensors giving 5 as output

The same sensors i have tried on ESP8266 node MCU board they worked fine!


Have you connected the OUTPUT pin of LM35 to A0 pin of bolt?

Looks like you have connected it to Tx pin.

Hello here I am uploading the image of my connections.
I just got rid of this constant ‘5’ value coming out of all of my sensors let it be LDR or LM35
I have tried different connections like with male to female wire and on breadboard as well ,I have also tried to give Vin=5V.
KINDLY PROVIDE ME THE SOLUTION why these sensors are giving out constant value 5
NOTE:- the same sensors I have tried on NODEMCU worked finely.then why are they not giving any value on BOLT module
RED wire–>3V3 to VCC pin of LM35
GREEN wire–>GND to GND of LM35
YELLOW wire–>A0 to DATA of LM35


The VCC pin of the LM35 must be connected to 5V of the bolt-wifi module.
According to the picture and details given by you,
Connect the red wire (i.e VCC pin) to the 5V of the bolt-wifi module.

That doesn’t work I have tried with 5V VCC
I have also mentioned it in my above post.
The same sensor I tried on nodeMCU on Arduino IDE.it worked fine