Logging into digital droplet

Hello friends,

Actually I not received my USERNAME and PASSWORD yet.(i.e I not got the login credentials and server IP over email for droplet sir)

please help me friends.

Because ,now I am logging in .So,it asked to enter username and password that was sent to your mail by digital ocean.

But I not received login credentials to my mail by digital ocean.
No one is responding friends.
I will trying solution for these problem from past three days by creating topic in this page.
And I sended my queries regarding this to digital ocean mail also for 10 times,but they are not giving reply friends.
but I not getting solution friends.
please help me friends,how to solve this problem??

Plese try creating a new droplet in order to get the login credentials or try the signup process once more.

Probably try using a different mail id to see if you are able to create the DigitalOcean droplet.
If that doesn’t work try downloading vmware.Please check the hardware requirements before doing this.
The installation steps are mentioned in brief as below,

  1. Download VmWare.
  2. Install VmWare.
  3. Download Ubuntu Server image.
  4. Install Ubuntu Server image on VmWare.
    If even this doesn’t work use visual studio code or jupyter notebook

Hi @sunty.apple,

Check this thread Regarding Creating Of Digital Droplet in Digital Ocen

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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