Login is not working after getting the Kit

After getting the kit, when clicking on the “Go to Course”, it is asking again the login option which is not working after entering correct login id and password.

Please help

Dont worry if your not able to log in . You will receive a confirmation mail from Bolt IOTScreenshot%20(8)
Once you have received this mail then there will be no issues.

Hi, @prakashduttaru
Dont worry dear you have to wait for some hours till product delivery confirmed by team.
after the confirmation received you will be able to access the link. @discobot

Hi @prakashduttaru,

Please go through the following link for steps on how to access the course.

Do you please share the link for login and start the course. I am not able to login https://cloud.boltiot.com/training using my loginid(prakashduttaru@hotmail.com)

Hi @prakashduttaru,

Did you create an account on Cloud.boltiot.com?

Click on forgot password…you will receive an email where there will be a link to change your password…go there change your password and then login using your new password.

After receiving the kit, wait up for two day or so.
Then simply open google, type in “bolt iot cloud” and search.
The first link that pops up is the official bolt site, click on it and then sign up with your email id and a password of your own choice.
Once you have done so, your account on bolt cloud is created, you can either keep yourself logged in or out, its up to you.
Then go back to the initial google tab and type in “bolt iot training”
The link will pop up.
Click on it and then click on login and you are good to go.

Hope it helps!

P.S.: In case you forgot your password, just click on “forgot password” and create a new one following the steps,

If you have done payment using COD then you should wait for 2 days after your kit is delivered
or in any other case click on forgot password try to access using a new password

After clicking Go To Course option, you will redirected to Teachable Account, in that you have to create an account using the same Email ID that you’ve used in purchasing the Bolt IoT Kit. Then there will be no error.

I am able to login in teh course section. Thanks a lot.