Maid Safe Cooling solution

Hi All,

I remember my days back in college when I had rented a place to stay, along with a few friends.

This was in Pune, and as we all know summer in India is a real killer.

We didn’t have an AC and the fan was the only shield against heat.

I remember spending time in my room every weekend, when suddenly the fan used to turn off, I used to start sweating.

Culprit: the maid. No matter how many times I told her to turn the fan back on after cleaning the room, she would never remember.

Now that I am working at Inventrom Pvt Ltd I have a solution to this problem.
Give me a shout out if you are interested in the solution.


@vinayak.joshi Is this going to be implemented using Bolt? I’m interested in this…

@shoeb.ahmed: Of course using Bolt