Mail Gun issue

Please have a look on code and output.
It shots json decode error.
Please help @rahul.singh1

Mail is also not delivered.
Please resolve I’m stuck in middle of something @shoeb.ahmed

you are trying to decode a string using json.loads. If you want to print the response from Mailgun just use print(str(response)) and if you want to print the status of your email then use print(str(response.status)).
Delete the line 8

I’m getting response as 200 which is OK
But my question is why I’m not getting mail from mailgun?
If you can code for me please.

Hi @ankur_tripathi,

Open the Mailgun dashboard and go to the log section. If you code is sending correct data to the mailgun, then you can see the list of emails that you had sent in the Mailgun dashboard.

Also share your updated code and screenshot of the output.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.