Mailgun Account Activition and varification error

Hi All,

I am not able to verify my account using mobile number.
Tried with multiple mobile number but same issue is present.
Is anyone faced same issue. Please find below error screen shot .

Please help !


Hi @kghatol25,

Follow the steps given in above link to setup your Mailgun account. If problem persists, try creating your account from start again.
I hope this helps you!:slightly_smiling_face:

hi @kghatol25,
there is no any difficult error in that, you have just made silly mistake.Just that the number without zero. for example 95352****.
Then following steps mention in the link.

Thanks for replying !

No, I tried with all the combinations like with 0/+91 and normal 10 digit number, however everytime error is same.

okay! I have checked it out it working fineā€¦

@kghatol25 Seems that your mobile number is already associated with an account on Twilio or you have sent too many activation codes to your account.
If you previously had an account with Twilio, please sign in using those credentials. Else use a different mobile number.