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can you please help me where is sandbox domain(step 6 of slide) in this screenshot, where i can add recipient ?

As you Login to the mailgun account mailgun dashboard will be seen.
Scroll down You will find one sandbox url in sending domains tab.
Click on that url and then select API.
then at the bottom some of the programming languages will be seen. click on Python language.
Then one API KEY and API url are generated. Note these two.
Run the code give below the API url in terminal.

The recipient name will be added in the code given in project 10.

Then to generate mail follow the steps given in Project 10.
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Please tell me what to fill in code , and how to run this code there is no ‘run’ option in that compiler.
and where is project 10

You are supposed to type the code in the terminal (Login into the server by entering the IP address of your digital ocean droplet using putty software. If you have not used Digital Ocean droplet, you can directly login to your Virtual Machine via VirtualBox or VMWare.).
And project 10 is the project 10 in your IoT and ML training by Bolt IoT.
( )
Hope this helps.

I didn’t get anything what you are saying.
1.if i have to run this code in putty in which file i will have to save it.
2.what i will fill in the following things: = should i have to replace with my email id?
mailgun@YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME = where i can find this
YOU@YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME = what about it = what i have to write in place of messages and domain name.
Please this time give me detailed answer , i am stuck in this step since last 2 days and not getting satisfactory answer from your side.

Copy and run the code in either of the below three-

Digital Ocean droplet using putty software (or)
via VMWare (or)
If you are using ubutu then you can run the code in terminal.

There is no specific name, you can use any file name for running the code. That’s it.
Rest of the background work is done by itself.

After running this code…go to project 10
Follow the steps as given there.In step 3 you need to replace some of the text with the required deatils.

MAILGUN_API_KEY=You can find in this in the below image with the name API_KEY above the code given there.
SANDBOX_URL=You can find this beside Domain at the top of the page or you can copy the URL from API base url(Copy the text after https// .org

SENDER_EMAIL=Copy the above copied url(SANDBOX_URL) and paste it after test@
for example, if

RECIPIENT_EMAIL=text your mail_id here(the mail_id to which the alert should be sent)
API_KEY=you can find this in the left side in black color column is seen ,click on API tab, there you copy the API key.
DEVICE_ID= this is found in in DEVICE tab as BOLTxxxxxx.

Save the file using CTRL+X.

Then follow the steps given in Project 10
From Step 4 you can copy the code into respective given file names with .py extention

Hope this helps you out.
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Excuse me Sir, can you please provide any CONTACT NO where i can call and clear my doubts. Because what you are telling me are different and I am not able to figure it out.
If you can provide any no. it will save both yours as well as my time.
Only few days remain in my training but I am not able to complete 50% syllabus of it.
Thanks sir

If you provide whatsapp no it will be also fine

Send me the screen shot in which you are having doubt, I’ll try to sort it out.
It’s better to ask the doubts in forum so that you may get possible solution…

Hi @kheemchandrasingh,

Click on Dashboard then scroll down to Sending domains tab, here you will get sandbox_url.

Check this thread Mailgun signup page not opening

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Thank you so much sir.
Now it works. the thread you shared is quite helpful.

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