Mailgun sign up isssue,account option

when i am trying to sign up mailgun ,it shows creat account option disabled,
i tried by company name as bolt iot student but it did not work.also trird big password ,but it won’t be work.I tried all way

Yupp, It happened with me too. Try “NA” as company name and for password don’t include “mail, gun, mailgun” in your password if still not try 10-20 other passwords, I also tried a lot, you would be able to create an account.


Did you check the box for this captcha?

yes,i checked it.but problems continue about account creation.


Can you please use latest updated version of Google Chrome and then try to sign up?

Do let us know if the issue gets resolved or not.

yes i update my google chrome,but their is problem of strong password,i tried all my strongre password but it wasn’t work any password,it shows try again stronger password,and still creat account option not works.