Mailgun signup page not opening

When I tried to log into my account I got this message:
“The CSRF session token is missing.”

So I thought of signing up again with the same email ID but the page didn’t open. It simply displayed an empty navy blue screen.

What to do now?

Hi, @aditianu1998

To Signup in Mailgun follow :

  • Click Here to go to Signup page
  • Enter the following details :
    • Full Name
    • Company
    • Work Email
    • Password
    • Password Confirmation
    • Uncheck Add payment info now
    • Check on recaptcha
    • Click on create account
  • Now, You will get an email for account verification , Please verify your Mailgun account" by clicking on link given in the mail.
  • You will redirected to the Account Verification Page
    • Enter Mobile number
    • Click on send verification code
    • Enter verification code
    • Click on validate
  • Now, You will be redirected to Dashboard

To get Mailgun Credentials follow :



  • Click on sandbox_url, Here on API tab Click on Select button, then click on Python, Here, you will get Mailgun_API_Key

3. SENDER_EMAIL: This would be test@your SANDBOX_URL

  • You can replace test with custom name as you wish .


  • On the same page, Enter your email in Authorized Recipients tab and the Click on Save Recipient
  • Now you will get an verification email, Click on I Agree button.
  • Now you will redirected to a Activation Page , Click on Yes Button
  • Use your email for RECIPIENT_EMAIL

Hope this will solve your problem.

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I already know all the steps after the sign up page because I have used it before. What I’m asking is how to open the sign up page. I used your link but still got the blue screen.

It’s working fine for me -

Clear your browser cookies and cache.

To Sign in Click Here

Can I use Twilio instead of Mailgun to complete the Capstone project?

Twilio doesn’t provide Email feature.

By using Twilio, I meant if I can send sms instead of email while running the Capstone project. The purpose is to alert the person in charge. It should not matter if we do that by mail or sms.

You can use. Can you solve my problem Here

@aditianu1998 maybe your chrome version is old update it or you can try to login through firefox . Even after updating the chrome version, you are getting same error you can go through this link and change your browser setting I hope this will help you

your link to open mailgun signup page is not working. It’s just showing a blue screen!

Hi, @patelkamleshpatel364
Please show a screenshot where you got issue.

I’ve created the account but I’m still facing problems to open the mailgun page in leptop whereas the page is properly working on mobile?

your settings are not working!