Make circuit on computer

Is there any computer software on windows which you can use to draw circuit connections there?

Fritzing is open source circuit design software and it is used for the Windows users. Link is here:

It is a paid software, any free software available for Windows

TinyCAD is a free and safe software which can be used for Windows.

Then download it from here.

@rounak2002topdar You can try any of the below softwares:

  1. Circuit Desktop App: Using Circuit Desktop App you can access circuit on your desktop in a single tab.
    You can access it here:

  2. CircuitMaker
    You can access it here:

  3. Open Circuit Design Software:
    You can access it here:

You can make circuit connections on Proteus software. It is open source and easy to learn. You can make IOT applications by adding IOT boards like Arduino, Raspberry-pi in the connection.
You can access it here :