Make Indian Rupees Sign in HTML

Hey Team,

I just taking the HTML Programming Language and Web Development lecture. And, in that lecture there is a class for Topic: Table. In that video we have learn how to create the table in Html. So, the sir is teaching by making a Menu of Coffee in our Coffee Shop. And, in that code they write:
Coffee Name which is Mocha
Price is 140
Availability is Out of Stock
So when I was code that suddenly I thought why we always use Dollar sign $ in price why we’re not using Indian Rupees Sign instead of Dollar. So, I search and I found the code for Indian Rupees Sign.

According to ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) the code is &#8377

So, shared the screenshot of the code you can check below.


Hi @scrajput11,
Yes, the code shared by you is correct. Do let me know in case you have any other concerns.