Make Project on Local Machine


Can i make project’s python programming of Bolt-IoT on local machine and access bolt libraries on it because when the digital ocean account will expire what can be done ahead.

Yes, you can :blush::blush:

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Hi @phaniraghavendra661

Thank you for response.
Just one more thing i wanted clear that if create a .py file in digital ocean or local machine and run does it get deploy or its needed to run again and again to execute project.

You don’t need to run, again and again.

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I did tried one project but it didn’t run after starting bolt device. It run only when i run the python file related to it

When you execute any project it runs accordingly but not at the startup.

Okay thanks
But if we create a IoT device and we deploy our python code
Is it possible to run it as the power is on of the device(BoitIot module)

I didn’t get you, can you elaborate it.

yes why not it will work as you have used the bolt library which contains Device ID and access key. Just by powering on the device will not work you have to provide connect it with the Wi-Fi so that it could take instruction from its server which you have provided in the form of python code.


Just to clarify if there is any confusion. The python code is not deployed on the Bolt device. It resides on the server. If you have used functions from the Bolt library like digitalWrite/analogRead, the code will make a call via Bolt Cloud to the device and the next instructions in the code will be executed.

In order for this to work, the device should be powered on. Also, if you are planning to run the code 24 hours, better run it on a server as a service.

Below is a simple article that instructs how to run the code as a service. A caution message…Please stop the service without fail when you are not using it as DigitalOcean will incur charges.

Thanks a lot @yeshwant.naik for your guidance

Thanks for your response too.

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