Making Bolt as Standalone IOT device

I was trying to use bolt wifi module to switch ON/OFF my home wifi router through google assistant. If router ON I can switch it OFF but not otherway as bolt was connected to internet through this router. What could be the solution for this if I do not want to connect Bolt through other mobile hotspots everytime for this one simple cause.

Hi @prakash52kar,

Bolt IoT device will require a internet connection to function properly. If you switch off your router using the Bolt device, then it will not have any internet connection to send the further commands.

Instead of switching off your router, you can control other devices instead. Check out this project

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

I do not know how you are planning to toggle the router switch as in with the help of a servo motor probably. But you could use this motor to toggle ON router switch by connecting it to an Arduino board and connect Bolt module to Arduino. TX pin of Arduino to RX pin of Bolt and RX pin of Arduino to TX pin of Bolt. And then you could use serialWrite under UART commands in API docs.

Only disadvantage would be you will have to set a timer in Arduino code to switch it ON at a particular time automatically. You won’t be able to switch ON the router whenever you want since you will not be connected to the internet, but you can switch it OFF because you will have internet access after you have switched ON the router.

Hope it helps in some way to solve your problem.

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