Mark changes in certificates

As soon as I completed my exam I receive a certificate from the same page but unfortunately it only displays my marks that I get obtained from mcq’s whereas the project and forum link submission marks didn’t added on it so I request you to kindly change the marks on my certificate

Hi @rajmohanoff,
Don’t worry, we have graded your exam and you’ll soon receive the certificate with any applicable feedback.

today I have received a certificate but in that the mark for my project has not been awarded rather than it just say that my project is subjected to scrutiny @raghav.srivastava can you explain that whether can I get my project mark or not

Hi @rajmohanoff
The reason was mentioned in the feedback. Your project was not graded as it was posted on Github. All you have to do is to create a submission by following the instructions here and send the link to so we can grade it. Project submitted on any other platform is not accepted.