Matplotlib installation

@rahul.singh1 when I am using ax.plot(actual_val) or plt.plot(actual_val) after print(list_name) or print(actual_val), even though I get empty plot , I see my reading printed in the terminal.
But while using ax.plot(list_name) or plt.plot(list_name) I see only my first reading printed and again the empty plot. I think while trying to print list_name, my ‘while True’ loop gets stuck after the first loop. Can you give an example to get graph from data from analog sensor at A0 ?(real time with delay 10)

Hi @swethatsunil.mec,

I think you need to add the pause for each loop. Check this link

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

@rahul.singh1 Thank you so much, it worked.

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