MCQ Based Test Marks

What is the total marks of the MCQ based test at the end of the course of Bolt Training?

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After completing the course and to get the certificate, you are supposed to do 3 things. One of them being the MCQ test. It will carry 40% weight.
The MCQ test is not to be given after completion of course but it is undertaken after every module. Now you may want to focus on those little tests, right?
The other 2 stuffs to be done are to prepare a working project and upload its video. It carries another 40% weight and the rest 20% weight is on helping fellow mates who are undertaking the same course by replying their doubts on Answering any 2 questions is compulsory, but you can do more.

Are the quizzes at the end of each module accounts to the MCQ Tests? The marks of all the quizzes throughout the course add up to form the 40% weight?

Then the following answers are contradicting:

Also, the instructions in the following page is contradicting:

Follow Point 11:
11. The test is MCQ based and has 38 questions with a time limit of 45 minutes. The time starts when the first question is displayed on the screen.

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No the quiz mark does not get counted in the main result it’s for your own practice

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The quizzes at the end of each module are not accounted for at the end.
The final Test only comprises of two links of reply’s from Bolt Forum, Link of Final Capstone Project which you uploaded on Hackster and a MCQ Test.