Meaning of 1.02 thousand while making light_monitor system

I want to know what is the meaning of 1.02 thousand,83,871 etc when I am working with light_monitoring system.

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I had the same problem, may be your connection might be loose. Try to connect properly again.

Resistance of LDR varies exponentially with light level, which leads to the A0 pin saturating at 1023 even at moderate light levels. But, in poorly lit situations, you can see the difference. A0 then, will be a value less than 1023 (or 1.02 thousand so as to be precise).

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you may be take your light source too close to the sensor…
so it gives the max intensity value…
i also take my light source (mobile torch)so close to the sensor , also get the same reading.

So basically what happens when you do ‘deploy project’ LDR sensor gets activated,and then collect the data.Remember LDR’s property is inversely proportional ,in normal language it means LDR gets high(1) when there is no light ,So to resolve this problem try your thumb very close to the sensor ,then nearly close to the sensor, you’ll see changes in value,and about 1.02 thousand, i think it is the default value.

I want to ask that what should I understand about these values, means what is the unit of these values, how I correlate these values to the real world.

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Explanation regarding the value “1.02”-
The A0 point is the analog point and it takes in the value of voltage between 0 to 1.The taken value say 0.576V is converted to a binary number of 10 bits,by the in built ADC converter.So each value read by A0 pin is given by 10 bit binary number whose decimal equivalent ranges from 0 to 2^10-1(this decimal equiv. is shown in the output table).
Now in our case at bright light LDR,resistance lowers down and it gives less drop so A0 pin gets high value.For dark case resistance increases,and gets good drop so A0 pin gets low value.


What happens when we increase the value of resistance form 10ohms to some higher value resistance, say 47ohm???

will you provide me the link of data sheet of bolt wifi module??

As per my knowledge the 1.02 is the highest intensity of light value that is defaultly given to the bolt wifi module
and the units of light is lux may be that 1.02 is the value of intensity of light at that particular time

the light sensor and resistor might be touching each other so results must be varying.

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@stephensmith1211 your welcome::grinning: