<meta> tag not working in NetPlug [Resolved]

I type the code for meta tag, its working for chrome and mobile browser but not in NetPlug (I still need to pan horizontally).

Kindly help!

Hi , Put all your content in <center> tag.

Please check ma code

@rahul.singh did u check ma code?

Any1 to help me on this?

Hi @mariarichy You code is fine but you have saved it with name index.html . You need to save this code as index.htm because of Why do we always save notepad file as index? .

I tested your code on Netplug its working fine.
Please refer this code -
`<!doctype html>


LED Contoller

ON OFF .button { padding: 10px 20px; border-radius: 5px; display: inline; width: 130px; margin: 10px auto 0px auto; } `


Hurray!! Its wokring thats awesome!!


@rahul.singh Just wanted to know, in the JS line you have skipped “setDebug(true);”, we were taught to use as its the syntax, why is it not affecting the code. Sorry I am new to coding!!

Also suggest which way do you write html codes that display here, any tags in spl??

Thanks, @mariarichy . setDebug(true) is not any internal function .This is just testing function written by the development team. Its use is obsolete .

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