Micro usb power supply


My Bolt wifi module is having power issues, it seems the micro usb port given is lose. It hasn’t even been 10 days or so, since the purchase but I am facing the power issue. I am able to power it on somehow, with adjusting the male power cord of the USB, but upon moving it, it switches off again. Is it possible to get the micro usb or the whole bolt module replaced. Sir, please guide me as it is really frustrating and inconvenient regarding proceeding with the course.

Try using a different USB cord. The USB cord provided is a standard one which we receive with our Android phones. First try powering it with any other USB cord and it should work. Hope this helps.

Sir, i have tried using other cables for android (Micro USB), but the power supply gets interrupted and unable to power up the module. There must be some lose connection with the micro usb port, as only upon adjusting the position of the micro usb cable, the power switches on. Upon, removing the support the module again switches off. Is it possible to get it replaced, just the micro usb power port? I really am struggling with building my iot projects.

Hi @samanwayadas99,

Please record a video of the issue and upload it to google drive. Then share the public link of the video to support@boltiot.com If your Bolt is under warranty then we will replace your Bolt unit.