Missing html lectures

In html training 7th video said this is how your code should look after completing assignment. I could not find any assignment and also I couldn’t find where did they teach that tag.

please help me with this. Also in video no: 9 he mentions pan tags i couldn’t find pan tags

The assignment is given below 5th video in text i.e. “Body tags”. In that assignment you need to learn some of the attributes like adding background color and changing the text color.

I think you are confusing between span and pan tags. There is no such pan tags in html.
The HTML span tag is used for grouping and applying styles to inline elements.

@thechauhan1616 this is not an answer to your question i just want to ask how did you enroll to the course , from https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses or from bolt technoshots?

Hi @tejpunjraju8a,

These videos are complementary videos taken from web development training. You can refer this video to only to learn how the img tag works. I will add a video regarding the p tag also.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

@rahul.singh1 sir i have taken the bolt technoshots and able to watch videos , i want to know that whether the videos will be available for lime time? also i want to know whether technoshots subscribers will be able to access the same course available on trainings.boltiot.com/courses

In 9th video he mentioned that tag but i could not see any tag before or after. Also many times he say “we did this in previous videos” but i could not find any he said for example in html section he says we made coffee shop folder but in no video creation of coffee shop folder was created. This makes it more confusing.

No i have not enrolled for Technoshot. I am doing Iot Training.

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Hi @thechauhan1616,

As mentioned in my previous thread, these videos are complementary videos taken from web development training. From the topic Creating Your First Web Page to Creating Your Functions in JavaScript, there was not video content in the training. I thought these video could be helpful in understanding the concept. If you want you can ignore this video (Do not ignore the text content).

We will adding more videos in the training soon.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.


@thechauhan1616 there is a separate training named as webdevelopment using html,css and javascript and coffee shop project is a part of that, this was 3 months training called as boltechnoshots. In the iot training there is also a module name as html programming language and webdevelopment where things are explained in text format earlier but now they have added some videos from the web development training to better understand concepts.
at last i want to tell you that if you wish you can visit trainings.boltiot.com/courses and look for dedicated separate course of web development.

Thanks for your help i was under impression that those videos are in iot training