Mobile access of course

Can I access the whole course from my smartphone alone? As my PC is not working anymore, so just wanted to know if the Bolt Iot & ML training is mobile friendly or not. So I would really love if there is any possibility of doing the entire course from my phone.

Hi @sahelikantha
Yes you can explore the Bolt IoT course from your mobile also
go to and then log in to your bolt account
and then you can access your course from your mobile :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

There are some coding section and project section too. So I am not sure about those, if those sections are mobile friendly. And I am aware of the process of logging in, but anyway thanks!

You cant do coding on your phone!!!
For that you will be requiring your laptop

you cannot access the whole course from your smartphone because linux OS is using in this
course. so you need pc, to complete the course. But you can complete some part of course using smartphone.
Thank you.

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You may access by visiting the website, but it’ll be of no worth since there are many hands on coding sections and installation of linux and other setting up environment for coding is not at all possible through a smartphone.

Hi @sahelikantha , you can access all the training on smartphone but it will not be possible to do coding of html, js , python for that you will be needing a Desktop or laptop.