Model making electronic gadgets

Hi, can anyone help me to make models from e-waste? Please give me some idea for making models by using e-waste. I know it is out of bolt iot syllabus but also anyone have idea of making some useful models please share me. Not only e-waste any other models also if it uses bolt kit is also fine.

My friend this platform is to solve problems related to Bolt module. Your question is incomplete (what type of e-waste ?) and it doesn’t belongs to this platform.

Yes friend I know this is out of Bolt module syllabus,I mentioned that also in the above. But I randomly asked because I have competition in my college, so I want some help means some ideas. I asked in this platform is because of in this platform we can connect with so many people, and this platform is related to build hardware projects. If anyone have some new ideas to build model using e-waste means electronic waste like small home appliances (old wasted mobiles) please share me. If I did wrong that asking this question in this platform then sorry.

You can always visit this website called
It’s a website dedicated to learning hardware and is filled with projects using not just bolt iot kits but other modules like rasberry pi and arduino

Hope this helps