Module 4 Explanation

Hii sir, Please explain the code of telegram bot elaborately. I watched the given videos but its like listening to a story. We can’t do anything rather than just remembering the whole code with no understanding. I am sorry but please sir …

First the code imports the libraries (requests, json, time, Bolt, conf).

Uses ‘mybolt = Bolt(conf.bolt_api_key, conf.device_id)’ for Bolt device initialization.


It uses function ‘get_sensor_value_from_pin(pin)’ to read the analog value from a specified pin on the Bolt device. It allows the script to communicate with Bolt IoT Device.

mybolt.analogRead(pin) is used to get the sensor value.

Checks if the request was successful (data[“success”] == 1). Returns the sensor value if successful, otherwise returns -999 to indicate error.


send_telegram_message(message)’ function is used to send a message via Telegram using a bot

Constructs the URL for the Telegram API using ‘url = “”+conf.telegram_bot_id + “/sendMessage” .

Sets the data for the POST request, including the chat ID(“chat_id”: conf.telegram_chat_id) and message(“text”: message) text.

Sends the POST request using the requests library. ‘params=data’ specifies the data payload, containing the chat ID and message text

Parses the response using (telegram_data = json.loads(response.text)) and returns the status of the message sending operation (“ok” if successful, False otherwise). Catches exceptions and prints error messages if something goes wrong.


Monitoring Loop is to continuously monitor the sensor value and send alerts if necessary.

Calls ‘get_sensor_value_from_pin("A0")’ to get the current sensor value and prints it.

If the sensor value is -999, it indicates a failure in reading the sensor.

If the sensor value exceeds the predefined threshold, ‘conf.threshold’ constructs an alert message and sends it via Telegram using (send_telegram_message(message)).

The script then waits for 10 seconds and skips to the next iteration by ‘time.sleep(10)

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Thanks bro for your response but I am talking about Artificial Intelligence Training :sweat_smile:.

Hi @narayanprasad

Here is a brief explanation

This code sets up a Telegram bot and a simple Flask web server. The bot is initialized using the aiogram library with a provided token and leverages OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model to generate responses to user messages. When a user sends a /start or /help command, the bot replies with a welcome message.

For other messages, the bot forwards the text to OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model and sends back the model’s response to the user. Concurrently, the Flask web server, defined in, runs on a separate thread and serves a basic “example” text at the root URL.

The server is started by the example() function, which creates and starts a new thread for the Flask app. The main script sets up asynchronous polling for the bot to listen for incoming messages and respond accordingly.

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Sir could you please add some more videos for a better explanation of that module.

Hi @narayanprasad

Thank you for your feedback! We are currently working on enhancing the training content, which will take some time. In the meantime, please feel free to continue learning the topics. If you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.