Module 4 updated

Updating one’s status using bolt and other modules which were previously present are missing. Where can i find them?

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I had sent them a mail regarding this, this is what they replied -

In last few monhts we have been facing a lot of issue with IFTTT as they keep changing their UI and process. Due to this, it has become almost impossibe to provide support for IFTTT.

We are now in process of developing a similar Bolt Cloud based solution. You can expect an update in this regards in another months time.

Apologies for the trouble.

We have most of the content for this ready. We intend to launch it by 18th of Feb 2016. Check your E-Mail for the details.

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I still couldn’t find the module. Has it been updated yet?

Hi @b.abhishek2014,
You can refer content from here