Module connected to network but device not added in the app

I tried to connect my bolt wifi module to cloud and add the device in my android app. My phone was successfully connected to module’s hotspot and connected the module to the wifi router. Both blue led and green led was stable. But I couldn’t see my device in added devices list in my Bolt IoT app. Still I am seeing no device added. I don’t know where I went wrong. So, kindly help me out by solving this issue pls!

Use the same email id which you used for purchasing the bolt module in the app.


Are you able to see the device on

Thank you for your response. The problem is that I cannot able to connect my module to Wi-Fi router but I successfully connected module to my mobile hotspot and the device is also added showing Online!

Hi @shyamala.19ec,

Are you able to see the device on

You can later try connecting to the router again. Make sure your router does not have limitation on no. of devices allowed to connect.

Let me know if you need any other information.

If your module gets connected to your hotspot than it will not get connected to your wifi router.

Hello Shyamala ,
First of all I suggest you to please repeat one more time the setup process and see if it is working or not.
If it is not working then make sure that you there is no limitation on the wifi router , or check the wifi network has active internet plan or have suitable speed of internet.

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Hey @shyamala.19ec !
You should try connecting again, maybe you typed in the wrong password!
Also, turn off the mobile hotspot while doing so. :sweat_smile: