Module-Interfacing Sensor Over VPS

Introduction to Twilio

I am registered as asked to do, but I didn’t get any “option to click on products” as shown in module. A message appears asking “Do you write code?” . I answered Yes. Then what to do , how to get “products” section and proceed further.

Hi @vivekbarnwal85,

Can you share the screenshot of the error?

Hello @vivekbarnwal85
First you login to your Twilio account
then Skip to dashboard.
there you see a option project in that write a project name whatever you want.
after that click on “Get Trial number” so you get a new trial number
So you can see "trial number " and “Account SID” on dashboard.
save both for program use
Hope this information is useful for you

I click on get trial number then some US number is displaying. How to proceed next?


Hello @vivekbarnwal85
You are on right way
Select Choose this number , then you get your new phone number
and this number is use in the code of file name as as shown in next lecture.
you put this number in “FROM_NUMBER” in a code of
Hope this information is useful for you.

Hi done but not understanding what to do next, I am attaching a screenshot.

Hiiii @vivekbarnwal85
now you move toward next lecture
ie. Project 9: Sending an SMS when Temperature Crosses Threshold
write a code in your ubuntu terminal as shown.
Put your Trial number, Account SID, AUTH TOKEN in file
also write code in
After that run sudo nano in terminal.
Hope this information is useful for you