Multiple Data collection

I would like to get multiple data such as battery temp. , Battery voltage, light intensity etc. related to a solar plant on my mobile. I plan to use an Arduino Uno to gather these information. How can I view this on a app created using MIT App Inventor platform. I wish to use API call to receive data ( different parameter values) I need help with the interfacing of bolt IoT with Arduino.
Also, is it possible to avoid Arduino and do everything from Bolt hardware itself.

Hi @arunkedu,

I am inviting @shafiq.shaikh to help you out with Arduino Uno and Bolt connection.

Its suggested u use arduino with bolt for getting analog values more than one.There is a BoltIoT Arduino helper library which you can use to send sensor data to cloud.

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@shafiq.shaikh @rahul.singh1 Thankyou. Let me search for such a project in

Hi @arunkedu can you share me that aia file which you have created in MIT App Inventor. please help me out with this problem.

Hey @Harsh,
I’m sorry to say that I don’t have that project in my app inventor dashboard. I can help you with it in making a new app if you could share what exactly are you looking for.

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Hello I just want control GPIO pin of bolt module and I don’t know what is the exact block code for that so I just request you just help me for making code block please.
You can share me snapshot for the same instead of aia file I just want to know only block code not in front end design.
Thank you

@Harsh the attached image is of something similar that you want to do.
Firstly you need the ‘When button. Click’ loop and then use the inner most block ‘call webViewer. goto url’. Avoid the ‘if-then’ loop.

Url is

If you wish to control more pins of click of a single button use:,1,2&states=HIGH,LOW,HIGH&deviceName=BOLT13819450

Don’t forget to add web viewer component before moving to code block section.

Happy to help you!

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Still it’s not working. You have built robot car using mit app inventor. Please provide that code block

You are only providing rough code block not actual code block i.e. back end part of mit app inventor. I’m facing issue. I want that aia file that you have made at workshop.

@Harsh Sorry to hear that. I don’t know where it went wrong the image that I shared is a cropped screenshot from the recording of my session uploaded in Youtube.
I’m attaching link to the aia file please edit the each urls with your api and device name.

Please revert back if you need any further assistance.

I have use that aia file which you have shared. I have changed that block and use my API key and device ID and then I have tried but it is still not working I don’t know why. And also then I have simply tried in api key using url but then it is showing me that your api key has rate limited why is it so?
Any other step will be required or what to access mit app inventor with bolt module.
I don’t know what is exact issue in that.
Please help me out :pray:

@Harsh bro, I highly recommend you to verify the connections and make sure the motors and motor driver are in good condition.

If the issue of data limit came on your first, second or third trial on web the above mentioned checks have to be done.#must

The issue of data limit arise if you have exceeded the no. of API calls done. For a basic plan user if you make 20 requests in 1 min or 72 requests in 6 mins you will reach the max limit.
Please refer:

If you haven’t made 20 requests in 1 min or 72 requests in 6 mins while trying on website, chances are the app worked fine and the problem is with the circuit.

There are limitations in making such a project on basic plan.

Rever back for further queries. Don’t feel low will make your robo work over the app​:+1::+1::+1:

You mean I have to switch to pro plan for controlling the robo?because I have double checked my connection and this problem was also occur when I had built simple app for controlling a LED.
I’m very demotivated bcoz a simple project is not working in my case.:pensive:

@Harsh Don’t get upset, I can relate to your feelings. The best part here is you are not alone a large community of hobbyists and professionals are here to help you. Rise up​:fire::fire::fire:

You can do 3 tests

  1. Open bolt IoT app (the one we use to connect bolt hardware to wifi).
    Click on the device name and you will be taken to the page attached.

Give input signals to defferent pins of the driver from the 0th pin of Bolt hardware and see the results.

If 1st one fails do the next two step

  1. Bolt wifi module test - Led method
    Connect LED to each pin and turn on the pins and u will get to know if all pins work fine.

  2. Driver and Motor test - Arduino method
    Write a simple code to turn on and off any 4 pin of Arduino connected to the driver providing enough delay both after turning on and off.

Thank you for your kind words @arunkedu sir :relaxed: