My Bolt app is not able to render images

I have done an project where it has images in the website but it is not showing in the app but coming in the website

Is this through a browser or is it a standalone mobile app?

If it is through the browser, see what is the image link that comes through in the front-end. You can use the Inspect feature in Chrome (on a PC) and change the mode to mobile phone mode to emulate a phone screen. Debug it through there and see if you can access the image links and if they open from your PC.

Please post some code snippets so that we can understand the context and provide more useful suggestions

I have tried the code in repl it before using in the bolt cloud take a look at this
The image is coming in website

Which image is not loading? I see one error in the console about the site being https, but an image link being in http. If this is the issue, can you try making all the links consistent and then try?

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Yeah just change the http -> https for all the weather image files. Bolt cloud maybe has restrictions on loading unsecured sites maybe.

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Thanks @akshayan.sinha and @muralikrishna.k.n. I have changed http to https it is working fine.

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