My Bolt device blue light blinking only once when i connected with power cable


I connected My Bolt IOT Device to WiFi and cloud to remove device in cloud i clicked on share button and clicked on cross button and device was removed from mobile and cloud account.

After that device stopped blinking blue light and when i connect to power cable giving single blink and stopping blue color light.

Please help me on this issue because i need to complete course on this please…

Same issue with me, Did you got any help.If yes then tell me please.

Hi @cybertron.55555,

Please drop us an email to . After checking the warranty period of your Bolt device, we will replace your Bolt unit.
Do let me know in case you need any other info

Thank you Sir. This will help me.

I was having the same issue. So what i did durying relink process from bolt app when i connect the bolt device it says that led is blinking and make sure internet is connected.
You must connect to the same wifi when you first linked the product to. If you have changed the wifi password then make sure first to forget the network from mobile device and then connect to bolt hotspot followed by relink device option, otherwise it keep using the old password you provided days ago(which was changed actually) and hence causing blue led to blink