My bolt device got damaged

my bolt has damaged it is not getting blue and yellow lights and the when I’m program on bolt page the pins are not working properly

it is giving the hotspot and it is also connecting to the my wifi router
and i’m able to program the device but it not giving the 5v output from the specified pin

Could you explain what happened exactly . It seems that the atmega might have got damaged . It all depends what happened and how it happened.

i have given the high voltage by mistake

then it got damaged

Then your atmega chip is gone . Now you wont be able to use bolt’s GPIO .

The good thing is that the esp8266 is working .
1)You can use the GPIO of the esp8266 after doing some soldering and reflashing the firmware. NOTE the GPIO pins for esp8266 work on 3.3v and are not 5v tolerant.
2) you could buy arduino nano and try to fit it on bolt.
3)or buy a new atmega168p/328p and replace the old one.


what are the esp8266 pins numbers

All most all pins can be used as GPIO . You will need to program the esp8266 by arduino to access them .

I don’t know the process can you help me with this

Hey get help from inventorm team, if u can’t fix it your self…

If you want to use the GPIO of your esp8266 the best way to do it is to configure it with arduino IDE . But you wont have access to the bolt cloud. You can request inventrom to provide you with an update .to use the GPIO.

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Was your problem solved, since I am facing the same issue I gave high voltage to GPIO pin.