My Bolt disconnects automatically and then unable to connect again

Hi, When I try to connect my Bolt after a long break it connects and goes online, after after few seconds, it disconnects automatically and then I am unable to connect again, even multiple tries. This has happened may times since I got this couple of days back. Please advise how to connect and keep it online always. I am connecting to home wifi, and as I said, I can connect it after a long break, but not immediately after it goes offline. This is very annoying and frustrating. Please help. I am new also to this. Thanks in advance.

Try linking Bolt module to cloud again. Reset the connection.
The company ensures that everyone receives equal amount of Bolt Cloud share and a module that keeps on running can take a lot of toll on cloud.

If that doesn’t help, please check if the wifi connection, you are connected to, is giving appropriate signal strength at the place you are trying to connect Bolt.

If that too doesn’t help, you can always call for replacement of hardware…


Thanks for your suggestion, but if I try after 45 mins. or so after powering off and try again, it gets connected. But gets disconnected again within a minute or so. This is beyond my understanding why it gets disconnected automatically. I am sure signal strength is not an issue, as I have tried sitting side by side as well. Thanks again for any suggestion. Regards.

Hii, if you are facing such issue, try resetting the wi-fi password and reconnect to bolt. if the problem still exists even after this troubleshooting, just try changing your connecting device, ie- you can use someone else’s mobile hotspot to connect your bolt module to cloud(remember to use 2.4 GHz frequency instead of 5GHz). Then, just change your mobile’s hotspot name and password same as the other hotspot which you used to connect bolt module to cloud. I think this will help!!

Tyy resetting the connection or use some else hotspot.Check your broadband frequency.They have instructed to keep it at 2.4GHz.

Hi there.

You could probably try connecting your Hardware with a different mobile phone or try connecting it to your mobile hotspot. One reason that you are facing this problem could be compatibility issues of your phone with the Bolt Software.

If this also does not work then I would suggest asking for a replacemnet of the hardware as mentioned by someone earlier.

Hi, I tried all possible options for last few days. It connects initially and then disconnects automatically. After that even after re-try for hours, it doesn’t re-connect. There is something wrong with the device. Then I do not see the Bolt Wifi netwrok in my network section at all, but the blue tight keeps on blinking slowly.

Yes, it is 2.4 GHz. Tried all possible options for last few days, no luck. It connects once, ten disconnects automatically, and then after hours of re-try also doesn’t work. My guess is device has some problem.
Thanks for your inputs.

Hi @shoeb.ahmed, I have been struggling a lot with this. Please help me with a replacement. I have contacted you over email as well. Thanks a lot.


Hey @mail2jitu , make sure you have a good Internet connection and good power supply.

Hi, I have checked, both are fine. Its not a problem with internet. Thanks.

Hi @shoeb.ahmed1, Can you please respond. It’s almost 2 weeks and I can’t proceed. Please do needful for replacement. Thanks.

Hi @rahul.singh1, would you be able to help me? I am not able to resolve the issue since long. Can you please reset my bolt? Will try that options as well. It is Bolt8023876.
Thanks, Jitendra

Hi @mail2jitu,

Apology for the delay in response, Can you connect your Bolt to your phone’s hotspot and check if it is working .

Change the wifi password of your home network and then follow the setup process again to link your device to your phone’s hotspot

Also recored a video of issue and share the public link of the video to

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Hi Sir
I’m also facing the connectivity problem after running the python code"Restarting the Bolt device"

from boltiot import Bolt
device_id = “BOLTXXXXX”
mybolt = Bolt(api_key, device_id)
response = mybolt.restart()
print (response)

The code is running successfully,but once it run for restating the module permanently loose it network connection.
As you have suggested above, I changed the wi-fi password and uninstalled the app and redownloaded, then was able to connect. But again when i run the program, the same problem happened.

Try disconnecting your home wifi once from bolt cloud and again try to pair it following the instructions in the Bolt app. If this doesn’t work try using your mobile hotspot in place of home wifi.


I have tried this many times, but no luck. Same thing is happening. Don’t know what else to do.

Hi Rahul,
I tried hours almost everyday by doing/undoing but this is not helping. There is something wrong with the device. Does the devise supposed to send wifi signal continuously? I have noticed this is not the base for me. I do see Bolt**** network in my phone wifi selection area for fraction of a second and then it goes off but the blue light keeps on blinking slowly always. I think that is the reason for getting disconnected. Please advise on this.
Kind Regards.


As instructed by Rahul in this thread My Bolt disconnects automatically and then unable to connect again, please recored a video of issue and share the public link of the video to

Hi @mail2jitu,

The issue you are facing is difficult to debug, but is definitely caused due to the router you are using for the internet, along with some other issues that I will mention below.

To be clear, I have checked in our backend systems to see when your device was last online. It came online on 1st of September, which means that you router gives an internet connection to your device every now and then.

The issue is probably that your WiFi router has too many devices connected to it or at the least more devices connected to it than it can handle at a time. This can happen regardless of how fast your internet is.

When a router has more devices than it can handle connected to it, it differs wifi connections and causes slow network devices to connect and disconnect from it over and over again. This is why the Bolt WiFi module blinks it’s led slowly, but does not show it’s hotspot either. Because it is connecting and disconnecting from the router, it is in a kind of limbo. Also, it does show up as online on the Bolt Cloud every now and then.

To confirm this, what you can do is, power off (keep powered off) your WiFi, and then power up your Bolt WiFi module, and check for the BoltXXXX hotspot. If you can detect the hotspot in a stable manner 5 minutes after keeing your router off, then we know this is the issue. After that you can configure the Bolt WiFi module to connect to the mobile hotspot and get internet from your mobile.

If this does turn out to be your issue, I recommend upgrading your router. You can keep the same router, but you should not expect the Bolt WiFi module to work with it properly.

Also, there have been people in the past with the same issue. They told us that the router does not work even when they switch off the other devices connected to the router. But what they miss out on doing, is restarting their router. This is necessary so that the router memory buffer is cleared. Once this is done, the Bolt WiFi module works properly with the router.

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