My bolt iot module getting error

My module is automatically showing blue and green leds on . And in bolt cloud iam unable add my device to cloud.

My bolt module is showing blue and green leds on. I had connected it only one time . Iam unable to add device to my bolt cloud.

Refresh the page and go to bolt cloud website,link the device from the products and then connect your device
If this doesn’t work then change the password of your wifi and perform the setup once again using bolt Mobile app and then add device.


  1. I hope you have downloaded the bolt app on your mobile phone. Open that.
  2. Created a hotspot from other mobile or from home router (preferred) which has internet connection.
  3. Give power to bolt IOT. ( make sure that you are not in range of previously connected hotspot)
  4. Now your bolt IOT will be visible. now, you can scan for available wi-fi network on your mobile. Connect bolt IOT with given password in the app.
  5. Once it is connected with your mobile, go to the app. It will show you the available network to which you can connect your Bolt IOT.
  6. Select the network and enter the password of the network.
  7. After that, you bolt IOT will be connected to that wi-fi network.
  8. After connection you bolt iot will stop creating hotspot and will be connected to the network (green light).
    9)Note that, after connection you don’t need to connect your mobile with Bolt IOT hotspot. it is only required when you are connecting the BOLT iot with other networks.

I hope this will help you. if any query please send messages

Since you have already connected your Bolt once, this time if you try to connect to the same Wi-Fi, it automatically connects and shows both blue and green LEDs as stable. So i don’t think you have an error regarding this. Now when i connect my bolt to some other Wi-Fi, i need to do the setup from scratch, like the first time.
And about adding device to cloud, you can just connect the Bolt device to any product you created like Plant Monitoring, controlling led, etc. from the Products tab on cloud dashboard.
Products tab → topright corner attachment symbol :paperclip:, “link device to this product” → Select your device name → Done
Try refreshing page if this doesn’t work.