MY bolt module stoped working?

I was performing Controlling LED project with my bolt module,Without connecting register in the circuit.For some amount of time project worked fine,but after some time led bulb shut’s down and now my none of pins are working.I also implemented Light Intensity monitoring system project after that but that project also not working.My harware connection looks fine. the wifi module also showing online when I connect it to internet.when deployment is performed at that time also green light blinks.what can i do now?please tell me some solution for this problem?

The main reason of connecting a resistor is that it helps to limit the current so that your circuit works without any problem.
May be because of high current the pins are destroyed. Please check the output of all the pins using a multimeter . If all the pins are down then it can be solved by replacing the burnt components of the board, but this is very tedious process as the components are very small.

how should i cheque my bolt module?.Tell me the steps to cheque port pins

You can check 5v and 3.3v pins by directly connecting the led “along with a resistor” between these pins and ground.
For gpio pins 0 to 4 just write a programs to make them high and then one by one connect the led between these pins and ground. And for A0 pin you can check this pin by ldr project.

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GPIO pins are not working.Is there any way by which i can fix this.

I think the pins are shorted. I don’t know how exactly to fix this , but may be you have to replace the affected component from the board . For this you have to first find that, and i don’t know which component generally gets affected in such cases.

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