My buzzer have issue in working

i have written program correctly and also done the hardware connections. but buzzer didnt works

Hi @thasnakthaj,

Can you send a snap of the hardware connections and send your code in the thread.

DO check for the following,

Connect it to the breadboard for further connections use the male to female wires.
Do no use a resistor with the buzzer.

if still the buzzer does not works then it would be damaged.

To use a buzzer, you can do the following:

  1. Connect Positive terminal, the bigger wire coming out of the buzzer to any of the digital pins of the Bolt module.
  2. Now, connect the negative terminal, the shorter leg, to the GND of the Bolt Module.
  3. Now in the bolt cloud, add a new product and select GPIO as input.
  4. Now, use this line of code,

digitalWrite(0, ‘HIGH’/‘LOW’)

to turn on or off the buzzer. You can use this in any part of the web page and style as you like.

If you have any other issue, you can reply back and I will be happy to help.