My device is not working properly

I have completed my 1st project, firstly the device is working properly.

But when i have powered on my device for the 2nd project , the blue led starts blinking and the green led is not on. I can see my device showing offline in Bolt IoT Android app.

Have you checked if the wifi it connects with, is working properly? And also, that your wifi module wasn’t restricted from connecting with the wifi?

Hello Suraj, Check your wi-fi connectivity and make sure it is on and Internet access. Still, it is not working try connecting again via your android setup.
If you are facing any problem then do reply.

Hello suraj,

The same problem occured after I did my first project. In my situation both blue and green lights are OFF, according to your situation there are two events ,
1.Blue led is ON but it is unstable ,in this case bolt module lost its wifi connection , you can use bolt Iot app in your phone and connect it again.
2. Blue led is ON and it is stable and green led is OFF, in this case bolt module is connected to your wifi but it is not getting the internet access ,you can check with your internet service provider.

If you are using your college or institute’s wifi , you can visit and learn further about set up process.

I believe that there is internet access and you are not using any institute’s wifi , so try by connecting it with other wifi or your mobile hotspot .

If you are facing further problems in setup process ,
Shoot a video of your issue, upload it on drive, make the link public and send the video link to .
Mention your issue in the body of the mail.

In my case I contacted support team through above mail id and I got a replacement for my module ,
but first they will verify the module through video which you will provide to them.

Check your internet connection. Try to reconnect with your Wi-Fi.

Hi @akshayan.sinha

Thank you . Your suggestion helped solve my issue . Sorry for late reply

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