My device is offline!

Just now, I got my bolt iot kit. I have followed all the steps as they said in the video
but I have connected to my college wifi which is proxy, so the device is unable to get internet. When I checked It is showing that my device is offline I tried to disconnect the
device wifi but it is telling to update my firmware version which is 1.3.0 ; how can I update my
device firmware version while I’m unable to connect to the internet. Can anyone please help me
to connect my device to the cloud…

Plz. send me your what’s app no.
i hope, i can solve the problem…

Hi, at starting I was also facing the same problem. Just connect your laptop and mobile to same WiFi connection and switch of your mobile data, now again click the ready button in the mobile app. Hope this helps.

@shivam.2199 I tried this… but it doesn’t works…it is continuously showing “Try again”…
by the way thanks for your advice bro…


ok, plz follow these steps below:

  1. clear your Bolt Device data and close the app.
  2. turn OFF your mobile data and turn ON your mobile WIFI.
  3. Now open your bolt app and got to add device button.
  4. now you have to reach the screen where you will see a READY Button, but you have not to press it.
  5. Now turn ON your Bolt device and as its Blue LED blinking stats, you have to press the ready button immediately. Now app will ask for to connect to a WIFI or hotspot, then you can choose as you want. Now follow the further steps asking by the Bolt app, Now your Bolt Device is ready for use.

thanks bhai it worked