My device is showing offline on

i have already connected to my mobile but after some days in itis showng my bolt offline .
what can be the issue??

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If you have not powered the Bolt device while checking the status it’ll display OFFLINE. If you are getting it even after powering the device, try the setup part once again.

switch on the device and connect it the wifi correctly and try linking your bolt module if this doesnt work delete the device and link it again

do not delete the product but delete the entry of your device and try reconnecting it

Hi @suraj47gupta, try connecting the bolt IoT module to cloud once again using Bolt IoT app.
Ensure that you have proper internet connectivity on your Wifi. Make sure that blue and red LEDs’ are stable(not blinking) and then try refreshing the bolt cloud page once.
I hope this works. Please let me know if this solves your problem.

I have solved my problem.
Problem - I have completed my course many months ago, today when i started my bolt ,it is not showing me online .

Solution- I figured out many things like my wifi router is changed my so my bolt device has to get the updated wifi information to get internet connection to BOLT. After trying hard everything i tried connecting my bolt device with another id (logging out from old and logged in with the new) and then i tried connecting bolt , i doesn’t connect but one thing happen good I successfully uploaded my wifi info to connect it to cloud.
Thank you

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Green light blinks just once . The device shows as not connected. Blue light is blinking. Internet is on at good speed. Connecting through Lap top. It worked fine but stopped connecting