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Hello, I am doing Final project based on irrigation…Here i used python package and twilio for alerts…what i do in this project is, when LM35 sensor reads temperature more than a treshold temperature(here treshold is initialized by us) a motor will switch on to pump water and supply that water to our farm…i setup a motor (only runs at 5V or above)…how can i run this motor in GPIO points in bolt iot module which gives only 3.3V and motor is not working at this voltage…Please help me regarding this

@satyanvv450 as the motor you will be using must be a DC motor and it will work for 5V (as you mentioned above). For this the Bolt Module has a 5V port through which you can power on the motor. Hope it helps you :slight_smile:
The image for the same is:

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Ya friend, what you are saying is correct but as per my project the motor should run based on value of temperature(means based on condition) and it must be connected to any GPIO points only and i am not willing to connct it with 5V pin


I am not sure which motor you are using? Are you doing a POC project? Cause a 5v powered motor can’t pump water to a farm.

You can instead use a relay to control the motor using the GPIO pin.

I am doing just a prototype model sir…i have to complete this course by june 30 and i am trying to buy relay , if i got it i will submit it with motor otherwise i can submit with buzzer sir…Thank you for your response

@satyanvv450 what’s the deadline for (30 June) ?

Actually i am doing this training on behalf of my university industrial training and i mentioned that the training will complete by june 30, so this is the issue…so i have to complete my certification test on june 30

Sir, can i use this(below image) to convert my 3.3V(GPIO pin output) to 5V conversion to run my motor?

Why dont you use an Arduino to control the DC motor pump? The PWM pins will give output as per your commands. And you will only need a motor driver for that.

The I2C 4 channel will only step up/down 3.3V and 5V logic. Your motor will run, but without the current it wont pump or function properly.

In present situation of mine , i am not able to do with arduino…can i use I2C 4 channel , motor will run? but why not function properly? can you please eleborate somewhat

No, it will not run. Logic Shifter will only shift the logic. The component is only used to power up 5v/3v devices/sensors. DC Motors need to convert the electrical energy to mechanical energy. Voltage and current of good amount are required for that. That’s why few motors are specified with voltage/current specifications.

Either use a Relay or motor driver (L293D or L298N)

It’s the ONLY way to use IoT projects for practical use. Relay is the solution to having a prototype work on an industrial level.

Can you please share a photo or link of that relay or motor driver…and one thing thus that motor drivers accept 3.3V input to digital pins on that chip??

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Relays -


Motor driver -


Yes you can use L293D to drive your motor. It can use logical input 3.3v. But you need a power source of 5v VCC to power the driver.

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Thank you for your kind information :grinning:

You can use motor driver to run your motor

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