My first website project using HTML

I have made a website to order fruit juices. Please let me know my scope of improvement.
my demo website link:

Colours need some changes. Use free colour palettes from
Also, try using same dimension images when beside eachother.

I had given same dimension for all the images(i.e. 240 x 180)it may be showing different if viewed in phone.

it looks like a pretty good website. but you may want to explore more colour options and you also may want to change the part where if you want to place an order you go to a google form and answer questions over there. and you may want to create a payment method on the website itself. also how are you hosting this website?

I am hosting this through github…

Your text is not much readable. Use more pastel shades for backgrounds and a dark color palette for text. Else it is great! @20051247