My relay stops at every 5 mins

in my project of automatic led using bolt Iot my relay stops work after some time and my bulb become switched off . please help how to solve this problem .

@bipuldav1999 These are the possible reasons that your relay stops working after some time

  1. Your relay module is damaged due to an inconsistent power supply.
  2. Your code has a function that stops the relay after a few seconds.
  3. The range of photoresistor values that you have defined is not proper.

Could you please share code that you have written?

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My code is from code snippet of led control

@bipuldav1999 The LED snippet code is written according to connections of led. But in the case of a relay, it operates according to the terminal you have connected. Please refer to this workshop video Bolt IoT Workshops for more detailed information on relays.