My shipment is on the way, if i receive damaged product?

Since my product is on the way, if I receive my required product damaged due to mishandling by the delivery person, will my product be replaced?

Such cases are rare. Aware of their fragile nature, Bolt packs their hardware package very well. You will see once you receive it. Unless someone purposely wanted to destroy your components, they will not get damaged. But if you damage something while tinkering with it after receiving it, Bolt will not be able to provide any replace for it.

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Your IoT and ML kit will be replaced on the condition that it be a manufacturing defect.

Make sure to reach out to the forum for any such cases, if the problem persists you’ll be asked to write a mail to the support team for replacement.

thank you, you solved my query.

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No it is not possible Boltiot provides you top quality products and all tested products that is safe for students and if any case of problem you can contact your mentor or mail @