My wifi module is not working, something went loose, now I m not able to continue my course.... So should I contact any customer care from the boltiot training?

Hi @Amrita_dey,

Please put an email to regarding your issue. Record a video after connecting the Bolt module to power using the cable provided in the kit. Attach this video in the above email. After verification, a replacement will be arranged for your Bolt Wifi Module.

Yes I already sent the email… But no reply from. Their side…


You’ve sent us two emails.

First - On 20 April 18:36. We’ve replied to that and asked you to post the query on and share us the link.

Second - On 26 April 15:45. We’ve referred your issue to concerned team. @shobhit.kumawat @rahul.singh1

As discussed over call. You’ve not yet sent us the new address to where the device needs to be picked from. Kindly update