Name Correction And College Name On Certificate

I have Done certification test and scored 82% But mistakely I will not include father name and also My College name is Too Long that it will overwritten in Certificate.

@rahul.singh1 sir , Please take a Look and guide for change the Name and College name.

@shaileshtiwari1164 You should write to for this. They will respond within one day.

Already emailed to Support team.

Hey was your query resolved because I too am thinking about this.


What kind of change are you looking for on your Certificate?

Now I cannot extend the college name on the Certificate I just got by completing the certification test as it was already told if the name exceeds shorten the name to just by its initials.
While I looked at the certificate the college full name could have easily fit into the space.


The certificates are auto-generated and not manually typed. Therefore to avoid errors and mistakes, it was already mentioned to write the initials of the college name, instead of the whole name.

It is completely fine to have the space beside. Let me know if there is any correction of your name on it, otherwise it is not possible to get a fresh certificate with full college name on it.

Thank you for letting me know Sir !!