Necessary to download Ubuntu again?

Hey! I have already using Ubuntu 20.04LS with VirtualBox for my OS practical for Linux Questions. Then is there any need to download Ubuntu again for IoT projects???
Or can I go with that downloaded Ubuntu for further Bolt IoT projects???
Or if it is necessary to download Ubuntu for IoT i.e. 16.04LS then don’t it creates problem??
Can anybody help me out of this situation???

which OS in your pc?

you work with your previous os ,no problem.

if you are using Ubuntu OS instead of other OS like window then there is no need to you to again download or install Ununtu.

Hello @a_kumar2020 ,
If you are already using the Ubuntu Operating System, Then there is no need of downloading that again…
you can use the Ubuntu OS that you are currently using for the projects…!!
your current version doesn’t create any problems…!!
Note: Please make sure that you download the necessary Python Libraries which will be mentioned in your course before you get started…
Thank you…

I have Windows 10 in my pc.

@vivek.kunachi, @tiwarisankalp1707, @soumyaranjansonu70, @Devendra
okay. I will keep that in my mind. Thank you very much.

Hi Kumar,

The answer is NO. You don’t have to download Ubuntu again to work on an IoT project. I’ll guide you through the process of setting up your existing OS to work with Bolt exercise python programs.

  1. Turn on your Ubuntu virtual machine

  2. Navigate to the desired directory
    In order to navigate, use the command cd <dir_name>

  3. Install boltiot python module by running the command pip install boltiot

  4. I would recommend you to install a code editor such as Visual Studio Code instead of working with nano or vi. However, you can work with them as far as you’re comfortable.
    If you want to install VSCode, run the command sudo apt-get install code

  5. Create .py files as shown in the tutorial articles and work with them.

Good luck