Necessity of Capstone project

Can I submit the Capstone project after I attempt the final exam or is it mandatory to submitting it along with the final self made project?

Hi @SiddharthBhandarkar,

You can submit the capstone project after completing your final exam.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

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how to submit final project ?? is it necessary to make youtube vedio

Indeed it is necessary so as to view the working of the project via its developer itself and also it confirms that the project is not fake or forged

is it mandatory to do the vedio ?? (or else where can we submit the project )


The capstone project submission is not mandatory. Submitting the project will not add any marks to your score. Also not submitting the project will not cost you any marks.

Making a video not mandatory. Not making a video will not cost you any marks.
It is a suggested to make a video, as having a video as a part of your hackster project may get you more points.