Need a really serious career advice

Hello ppl,

I finished the Boltiot course a month ago and I really loved it. Imma pursue a bachelors degree this year and I’m confused. The thing is that there’s a new course B.Tech Ai & Ds. I wanna take the course but I’m afraid if I should take BTech CSE(as most Quoarians speak so). I don’t like the CSE syllabus as it’s mostly about basics of hardware and software. Please tell me if it’s good to take BTech Ai & Ds.

look buddy, Btech CSE core doesn’t mean just basics of hardware and software it is a lot more and like software dev, android dev, web dev, in software and in hardware circuit dev, electricals and electronical basic and core etc. and for what to choose I’ll suggest go for CSE core not for AI as if you want to change your career path from AI it will be difficult after 4 years but for CSE core it’s already multiple choice questions with multiple answer you can do anything, and go in any field like AI, Cyber, Cloud, Game dev etc.
So its better go with CSE Core.