Need help.. unable to start my training

I was logged in friend’s laptop. Now only I got my laptop. Now I am unable start my training in my laptop. It showing expired. I need help to slove it.

Hello. You just go to and enter into your course with your username and password. The problem will not be arised due to the change in laptops.
I hope this will be useful. Please let me know the result. Thank you.

You can access your bolt module on any device by using your email id and password.You can logout from your friends laptop first and then try again.


Since you have already enrolled to the course using your email id, you now have to just login to the training. Do not re-enroll again. The access code will be shown as expired since you have already used it for the first time.

You just go to
And login with your mail id and password.Now you can access your course.


    click above link
  2. go to your course
  3. sign in through your email id.
  4. you are access your trainning.
    i hope this information is helpful for you.

hello @ramrfx005.
first visit this website
then on the left select Training
On your training orders click Go to Course.
that’s it . If you are signed in you will be directed to that page.

Step 1:visit
Step 2:Enter your email and password
(In case you forgot your password or any other information go to your mail-box and type in or simply Bolt IoT